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Brian Musa - Head Coach U12, Assistant Coach U15

Aktualisiert: 17. Apr. 2023

Brian Musa (head coach u12, assistant coach u15) NAME: Brian Musa Odhiambo

AGE: 24//02/2000 - 23 years

My name is Brian Muga Odhiambo of age 23, born 24/02/2000 in Kisumu (Kenya). I am not only passionate about football but believe in discipline and community development, some of the things that I love is travelling, making new friends, music and arts, technology etc.

I am the club coach of Nyalenda Youngstars, we had the dream of creating a football club that not only enables us to work with teens and youths from Nyalenda but also to create a safe heaven for them where they can address their issues with no particular restriction. Since growing up in a slum isn’t a walk in the park as there are so many challenges, it takes one to know, social environment is key for character development.

I met Jakob and Cedrik in an introductory meeting with the club coordinator Curtis Otieno in Nyalenda and since then it has been a pleasure working with them as we have not only become friends but tackled lots of challenges concerning the club since. We are still pressing on harder than ever, for us success is not just a dream but a reality that seems to be coming to life.

The club has a strong commitment to developing young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds and giving them a platform to showcase their skills. We have a talented group of players, and our goal is to continue to work hard and improve as a team. In summary, I am focused on working hard to achieve not only my dreams in football but to see the kids and the club reach to levels that scouts would want to have some of our players not only local but international. Being part of Nyalenda Youngstars brings joy to my heart. Together we are committed to overcoming the challenges we face and achieving success both on and off the pitch.

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