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Billy Agai - Youth Coordinator, U15 Head Coach

Aktualisiert: 31. März 2023

Billy Agai (youth coordinator, U15 Head Coach) NAME: BILLY AGAI OMONDI

AGE: 10/03/1994 - 29 years married with one child

Professional Coach

I was born and raised in Kenya, technically in a small slum called 'Nyalenda' within Kisumu County. I also attended primary and secondary school in Nyalenda before I later got my education certificate level at Oasis of Hope. Today I am still living in the community and married with one child.

About Football: I used to be a professional footballer and I am still playing at senior level. Personally, I had a good growth in the line of football as a result of hard and consistent work, until I was able to play for top tier teams in the Kenyan Premier League, just like Kisumu All Stars, Western Stima and Nakuru All Stars. During my playing time I was also molding and leading other young players, since I started coaching when I was at the young age of 15 years. For me, coaching my age mates was a nice experience and challenging for me but it was something I did out of love and made me improve and grow on my leadership. Currently I am a professional coach who coaches on junior and senior level. During the last years I gained a lot of experience and I was able to mold, teach and coach a good number of players that are currently playing in top level leagues in Kenya.

About the Community: In the community where I come from you face a lot of influence. Personally, I am also a reformed drug abuse person who was struggling with alcohol. Mostly because of peer pressure, adolescents and friend influence in the age group which makes it a huge real life problem. I know that by keeping our young ones busy playing football and doing activities, we will help them to stay on the right path and also create a future in the community.

My visions and goals with the project: As a coach and youth-coordinator, I will always give the best to the kids, players, my fellow coaches and to the team at large to make progress every day. I hope to get my players and fellow coaches to a high level by helping, assisting, understanding and strengthening them. I want to make sure I create a good working environment for all my fellow coaches and staff members by giving them room for questions, sharing ideas and learning new things. For me the most important part is to make this team better in terms of management, playing style and performance. I dream that one day this club ˋNyalenda Youngstars‘ will be in a position to play against a team in Germany.

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