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Cedrik Lingner - Founder, Extended Coordinator, Head of Sponsor & Partnerships

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Cedrik Lingner (founder, extended coordinator, head of sponsor & partnerships) NAME: Cedrik Lingner

AGE: 17/06/2004 - 18 years

I was born and raised in Constance, Germany. Since I was a little kid, one of my dreams was to explore the world. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa had a really big influence on me when I was a child. It was the reason I decided to start playing football. Therefore Africa has always been my priority to travel to. After we graduated from highschool, Jakob and myself decided to go to Kenya and work for the Organisation. For me it was very important to see something completely different and also get out of my comfort zone.

About Football:

I started playing football at the age of 6 in my hometown club FC Konstanz and immediately fell in love with this game. From this day on football became the center in my life. During my youth career, I played for several teams and selections on a high level. The majority of my time I played for my hometown club SC Konstanz-Wollmatingen. The reason I love football so much is because of the competition, the passion, the ups and downs but also the people and friends you meet through football. The love and enthusiasm I feel for this sport I would like to pass on.

About the Community:

Although the people in Nyalenda face a lot of problems, they are very friendly, happy and loving. Since my first day I always felt welcome.

During my stay I learned a lot about life from the locals. Seeing the children play football, smiling and having fun is just inspirational. As I see how many people are struggling every day in Nyalenda, I just want to help and encourage them in the best way I can.

My visions and goals with the project:

Besides all goals and visions we have for this project, having fun should always be our first priority. It is our main goal that every single one of them participates in our training sessions with a lot of joy and motivation. We want to create a respectful, friendly and lively atmosphere, to keep them away from bad influence. If it comes to football, our goal is to include different types of tactics and playing systems. I hope that through our sponsorships and partnerships and also our cooperations with schools, one day all of our players are able to go to school. One of my biggest goals I have with this project is to have a really good training ground for our team.

Closing Words:

I would like to thank my friends Curtis, Billy, Brian, Paul and all the people who are involved in the project for their daily work. Starting with nothing, just an idea, a vision in our heads and now seeing over 70 children participating in our training, really makes me proud!

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