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Paul Ochieng - Project Coordinator, Assistant Coach

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Paul Ochieng (project coordinator, assistant coach) NAME: Paul Ochieng

AGE: 12/08/2003 - 20 years

Growing up in Nyalenda, a non-formal settlement area in Kisumu, Kenya, I witnessed firsthand the raw talent and potential that permeates our community, especially in football. Despite the challenges of poverty and the prevalence of hard drugs, there is a glimmer of hope embodied in the Nyalenda Youngstars Football Project.

Having been a player myself, I understand the allure of other paths when the dream of football seems out of reach. Many of my peers succumbed to the temptations of crime and drugs, while only a fortunate few found solace in becoming boda boda riders.

But amidst these struggles, the Nyalenda Youngstars Football Project stands as a beacon of hope for the talented youth in our community. It offers them a chance to rise above their circumstances, to pursue their dreams despite the odds stacked against them.

As someone who was born and raised in Nyalenda, and who has experienced firsthand the transformative power of football, I am committed to dedicating myself to this cause. I see the potential for this project to not only nurture young talent but also to uplift the entire community.

With the support and dedication of individuals like myself, along with the availability of talented young players, I am confident that the Nyalenda Youngstars Football Project will continue to grow and flourish, bringing about positive change for generations to come.

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